Posted: September 13th, 2017

capital control analysis

capital control analysis

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The last quarter of the 20th century was characterized by the liberalization and globalization of the
financial sector. It was widely believed that financial deregulation would allow for a more efficient
allocation of resources, thus contributing to the acceleration of the process of economic growth.
The liberalization of the capital account was also perceived as enhancing growth by allowing the
more efficient allocation of international financial resources. This consensus, however, was put
into question as a result of the 2007-08 financial crisis. While a new consensus is yet to arise, a
vibrant debate is currently taking place about the pros and cons of re-regulating the capital
Write a short academic paper on the rationale and wisdom of introducing capital controls
(i.e., of reducing the degree of capital mobility). You may select a case study or studies to
focus your essay. Your essay must have a clear thesis and include a brief introduction and
conclusion. Your paper must be about 1500 words in length (5-6 double-space pages, without
counting the references) and make reference to at least five academic works published on the
topic. This essay will be due at the beginning of class on March 17. Please note that the
penalty for late submission will be five percentage points per day independently of the
reason (e.g., illness, computer problems, etc.).
Note that the paper must also be submitted online to When submitting your paper
to you must refer to Class ID: 9221438 and Enrollment Password: eco209-101.
The University requires that the following paragraph be included in the syllabus of all courses
“Normally, students will be required to submit their course essays to for a
review of textual similarity and detection of possible plagiarism. In doing so, students
will allow their essays to be included as source documents in the
reference database, where they will be used solely for the purpose of detecting
plagiarism. The terms that apply to the University’s use of the service are
described on the web site.”


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