Posted: September 17th, 2017

care plan

Two care plan on different page.
Mr. John Holt is a 42yrs old professor who lives with his wife and one daughter. Although Mr. John had seizures while in school. They have been controlled with medication, however he had a tonic – clonic seizure yesterday and immediately made an appointment with his family physician. He is currently taking phenytoin ( Dilantin) 300mg a day as a maintenance medication to prevent seizure.
Nursing Diagnosis one: Risk for injury, related to recurrence of generalized tonic – clonic seizure activity and low serum phenytoin level.
Two Care plan
One goal, Three interventions with rationale, Three outcomes
Nursing Diagnosis Two: Deficient knowledge related to activities that may trigger seizure occurrence, stress, medication information.
One goal, three interventions with rationale, three outcomes

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