Posted: September 17th, 2017

case conceptualization

A case assignments needs to be completed on Britney Spears (celebrity). You must follow the 8 steps below;

As we have already discussed, it is very important in
conceptualizing clinical cases to use a disciplined and
structured way of thinking about the people with whom we
work. To this end, I offer the following steps as a
structure in conceptualizing. An important part of this course is
learning to use a consistent and structured way to develop our conceptualization,
so I urge you to read and closely follow the below steps.

1. Determine the history and development of your client.
What are the significant early events of their life? How
many siblings, birth order, early school performance
etc. Were there any noteworthy developmental

2. Develop an understanding of early significant
relationships. Who was the closest person to the child?
To whom did the child identify with in early life; Describe
friends/best friends and other close relationships in

3. Identify; current significant relationships; marital
Relationships; Close friends; Children and other familial

4. Identify current (presenting) complaints and/or
current adjustment What is most troubling to the person
at the present time? How are they coping with this
trouble? Are they functioning?

5. Understand common defenses employed by the client
when placed under duress; does the patient commonly use
denial, rationalization, projection etc.? Are the
defenses rigid and unbending? Are the defenses fragile?

6. What is the prognosis of the patient? Are they likely
to adjust and begin (or continue) to function? Are they likely to deteriorate?

7. What type of intervention is most appropriate for
this person? Is family support sufficient? Is there a Need for
hospitalization or other intensive treatment? Would
insight oriented treatment or behavior modification or something else be effective with this client?

8. Provide a formal diagnosis of this client.

remain descriptive in the early steps, then later provide some judgments/interpretation, justifying your judgments with case material. Also I will want you to remain on topic for each of the areas discussed. You should remain disciplined in remaining on topic, for example in discussing significant relationships and not ‘jump around’ to other areas. The requirement should not be difficult if you follow the 8 steps.

No specific style of writing is required.
times new roman 12 font

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