Posted: September 17th, 2017

Case Study Analysis and Care Plan Creation

Case Study Analysis and Care Plan Creation

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Click here (I will additional files #1 Case Study Analysis and Care Plan Creation) to download and analyze the case study for this week. Create a holistic care plan for disease prevention, health promotion, and acute care of the patient in the clinical case. Your care plan should be based on current evidence and nursing standards of care.

Visit the online library and research for current scholarly evidence (no older than 5 years) to support your nursing actions. In addition, consider visiting government sites such as the CDC, WHO, AHRQ, Healthy People 2020. Provide a detailed scientific rationale justifying the inclusion of this evidence in your plan.

Next determine the ICD-10 classification (diagnoses). The International Classification of Diseases, Ninth Revision, Clinical Modification (ICD-10-CM) is the official system used in the United States to classify and assign codes to health conditions and related information.
•Search term page to identify the codes applicable to the care plan.
•This link will lead to an excel version of the latest codes:

Click here (I will additional files # 2, care plan template) to download the care plan template to help you design a holistic patient care plan. The care plan example provided here is meant only as a frame of reference for you to build your care plan. You are expected to develop a comprehensive care plan based on your assessment, diagnosis, and advanced nursing interventions. Reflect on what you have learned about care plans through independent research and peer discussions, and incorporate the knowledge that you have gained into your patient’s care plan.


Your care plan should be formatted as a Microsoft Word document. Follow APA style. Your paper should be 4 to 5 pages double-spaced and in 12pt font.

Grading Criteria
Maximum Points

Care plan demonstrated involvement of the client in the process of recognition, planning, and resolution of the problem.

Care plan included effective nursing interventions that are customized for the client and appropriate to the goal.

Care plan included diagnostic work-up, medications, conservative measures, and follow-up plan.

Care plan provided rationale for choosing a particular treatment modality.

Care plan demonstrated logical diagnosis that was substantiated with relevant evidence.

Care plan focused on patient education and maintained a fine balance between major and minor health issues of the patient.

Care plan included nursing interventions that are specific, appropriate, and free of essential omissions.

Used APA standards consistently and accurately.


Your first patient will be a 52-year-old man recently discharged from the hospital following a stent placement for coronary artery disease. This patient requires extensive education regarding the medications prescribed at the time of his discharge and the health promotion activities that he should follow based on his post-hospitalization diagnoses.
• Apply knowledge from health, psychological, and social sciences to care of patients across the life span and from diverse backgrounds with selected common health problems.
• Develop holistic plans of nursing care for prevention, health promotion, and acute care of common health problems of patients using evidence-based practice and nursing standards of care.
• Analyze collaborative practice among health team members to maximize the health outcome for the patient.

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