Posted: September 18th, 2017

Case study of Growing and Organizing Your Business

Create a powerpoint presentation in around 7-10 pages.Must include a swot analysis table, organization structure chart…

To better understand the importance of organization, you will design (organize) business processes for a sports rental business over a 10-year business growth cycle.


This exercise will help you understand how organizations structure their business processes as they begin with a small operation and grow to an operation which spans multiple geographic areas.


Your business: Sports Rental Business in Mammoth ski resort (surfboards, and ski equipment).


Q1. Write down what is your final product or service. (Define your business)(Slide 1)

Q2. Define your competitive Strategy (One SWOT analysis table)(slide 2)

Q3. What are the specific tasks or processes that must be completed to produce your final product or service?(slide 3-4)

Q4. Based on the specifics in number 2, develop an organizational chart that indicates the tasks and processes of your business. Remember, that each position in the chart will perform a specific task or process, or will be responsible for a certain outcome. Draw an organization chart for this organization, taking into consideration such factors as: 1) who is responsible for what processes in your organization, 2) how does information flow within the organization, and 3) how is the quality and service of your business controlled?


Q5. 10 years go by and the business has grown to five locations in two cities. How can you best control and coordinate business operations in five locations? How would the organization and main processes change? Draw an up-to-date organization chart and explain your rationale for it.


Do not copy and paste a chart from the web or any other source.

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