Posted: September 18th, 2017


Length: 2500 words

Select one theory discussed this semester and use it to explain the criminal behaviour of any famous or documented criminal.  You may pick any criminal you wish, but you must document the source of your information.  Because you will not have access to case files, you will have to rely on media reports of the criminal.  This is an exception to the general rule that you should not use popular or internet sources for information.  Here is a link to get started, though note you do not need to use an Australian criminal:


Write the case study in normal essay-style.

Do not just ‘recycle’ theorists covered in other courses (eg Criminological Theories: Social Perspectives). In particular, if you select social learning theory, be sure to use the psychological versions covered in this course (e.g. Bandura)


You must relate the theory to the specific case. Don’t just provide general information about your selected theory. Similarly, don’t waste space in your essay documenting exactly what the criminal did.  You should take no more than a paragraph or two to describe who the criminal is and what t
hey did.

List of theroeys to use: CHOOSE ONE THEORY

Psychoanalytic Theory is one theroy you can use  MUST USE CASE STUDIES

Evolutionary Theories
Genetic Theories
Physiological Theories
Psychodynamic Theories
Trait Theories
Social LearningTheories
Moral Development Theories
Environmental Theories
Behavioural Theories

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