Posted: September 17th, 2017

Case Study – Welcome Israel II

Reply to three students responses to the  Welcome  Israel Case Study . Each reply must

expound on the student’s paper, providing a substantive response that enhances the discussion.  Each reply

must contain at least 2 citations from a peer-reviewed journal, 1 from each textbook, and one from the Holy

Bible and/or Bible commentary. Major points are supported by the following: • Reading & Study materials; •

Pertinent, conceptual, or personal examples; • Thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing

implications, and comparing/contrasting concepts – start with strengths first). Citations must be in current


APA format (including headings). Proper spelling and grammar are used and word count of at least 275 for each

reply. There are 3 replies needed so the total word count is 825.


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