Posted: September 17th, 2017

Child Abuse-Drawing the line

Cite references as per APA guidelines.

Discussion: One of the heaviest debated topics in the law enforcement and Criminology

realms is that of corporal punishment. Society demands that we discipline our children

and keep them under control on one hand but then we condemn child abuse on the other.

Corporal punishment (ie spanking a young child) becomes an area of much confusion.

Under many state laws, it is permissible to spank a child or use some form of physical

punishment as discipline. However, if this action is conducted in public, many times

law enforcement is called to the scene. Parents, children and law enforcement are all

in a state of confusion on when we are disciplining our children and when we are

abusing them. I have been called to many homes where a 5 or 6 year old is out of

control and parents do not want to touch the child for fear of going to jail. They

call law enforcement as a means of control and use the police presence to control

their child. “If you don’t behave, they will take you away.” This does not discipline

the child but simply makes them afraid of law enforcement.
Provide a 275-word discussion to question set #1 below to discussion provided above

Provide the questions follow by the answers.

Questions Set #1:

Question: Where do we draw the line between child abuse and child discipline?

Question: Do your state’s laws reflect your ideas?


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