Posted: September 17th, 2017

CIS019-1 Fundamentals of Creative Technologies

CIS019-1 Fundamentals of Creative Technologies

Portfolio of Multimedia assets

This assignment has two parts and is done individually. To pass the referral you must create both of the two specified artefacts and include screen shots of them in a report submitted as a Word file which must be uploaded to the link on Breo by the deadline (11.59 pm Friday 20th March 2014). The report should also include at least 300 words of explanation on how you produced the work. You will also submit a single zip file that contains both parts of the practical work.

Assignment 1A- Photoshop artwork

You are to produce a piece of Photoshop artwork to act as a masthead or logo for your personal portfolio. As a developing practitioner in your field, you will want to gather and present a selection of your work, ultimately to share with potential employers.

–    Produce a piece of Photoshop artwork to act as a banner or masthead for your personal portfolio
–    This should include text (eg “Rob Manton, Computer Graphics Portfolio”), plus an image that is of you (this can be a ‘straight’ portrait, or something more radical like an extreme close up or a highly stylised/treated image. You may also like to use image elements which capture the style or theme of your personal work.
–    Provide a brief explanation of the Photoshop features used to create the artwork – about 100 words

Assignment 1B – Interactive 3d scene in Unity

You are to produce a 3d scene in the Unity game engine that uses one or more items of geometry produced by you in 3dmax. This should feature an interactive gallery showcasing your work done on the unit so far. The gallery should take the form of a room (or rooms) scene featuring both geometry that you have built (eg tables, chairs) plus images you have created appearing as if they were exhibited in an art gallery. It should be possible to navigate through the 3d environment using standard keyboard and mouse controls. You must create a PC executable file using the File/Build Settings Menu in Unity.

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