Posted: September 17th, 2017

Classical Theory of Magnetic Resonance

Classical Theory of Magnetic Resonance

Assignment Questions

1.    You have been introduced to the concept of the magnetic moment of certain nuclei. Describe, with examples, what is meant by magnetic moment. Under what circumstances does a nucleus have a magnetic moment? (1 paragraph each)

2.    For a hydrogen nucleus, what is the energy difference between the parallel and antiparallel states when placed in a 1.5 T magnetic field? What are the units of energy measured in? If one were to double the magnetic field strength, what happens to the energy difference? Given that the frequency of an x-ray is 2 x 1019 Hz, calculate the energy of the photon. Comment on the biological significance of the relative energies used in MRI and CT

3.    Calculate the resonance frequencies of the following nuclides at 3T and 7T: 1H,2H, 19F, 129Xe, and 31P.

4.    The rf coil acquires signal in the laboratory frame.  Why?  What is “demodulation” and how does it relate to the rotating frame?

Hi mate,
I have attached questions assignment about the fundamental theory about magnetic resonance imaging.
I have attached also one file name Guide it is actually similar to my questions assignment for question 1 and 2 but not same questions 3 and 4
Please have a look for the guide intensively to see what the differences is and write in simple language and see the references that I have attached also to take the information from and bear in mind to put some images different from the guide.


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