Posted: September 17th, 2017

Client Internal Analysis_The Lotus Garden Restaurant

Audience: This presentation is intended to be the basis for part of your final report so you should write it with your client in mind. While the client should be familiar with much of the information you are presenting it to demonstrate your understanding of the firm and your evaluation of the firm’s strengths and weaknesses. Do not hesitate to remind the client of important information.

Assignment: Using information from the management audit, and in order to demonstrate your understanding of your client’s firm, prepare an internal analysis of the firm as described below. Also identify and elaborate strengths and weaknesses of the firm. This report must be in narrative form, i.e. not simply an outline. It must be a single report and not multiple reports submitted together.

Content: Please refer to the management audit for a suggested outline of issues to explore and evaluate. At a minimum, your working paper should cover the essential elements of the business including but not necessarily limited to:

  1. A brief history of the firm and the background of the owner or owners (5 pts)
  2. The type of organization and the management structure of the firm (5 pts)
  3. How well is the present strategy working? (text, page 115) (10 pts)
  4. What are the company’s resource strengths and weaknesses and its external opportunities and threats? (text, page 116) (20 pts) Complete a SWOT analysis for your client’s company.
  5. Are the company’s costs and prices competitive? Perform a strategic cost analysis using a value chain analysis. (text, page 127) (15 pts)
  6. How strong is the company’s competitive position? Present a weighted Competitive Strength Assessment table for your client and it’s competitors, such as table 4.4 (text and table, page 139-141) (20 pts)
  7. What strategic issues does the company face? (text, page 142) (20 pts)
  8. Using the techniques proposed in the Duncan, Ginter, Swayne article, evaluate and discuss the unique strengths and any weaknesses of your client’s business. (20 pts)
  9. Summarize the company’s strengths and  weaknesses. Don’t just present a list. This section requires your analysis. The definition of “analysis” for the purposes of this report is, “An integration of the information gathered in the previous sections of this report. This information and analysis will help you make intelligent decisions concerning your client’s current situation and can be used to create a competitive advantage in the marketplace”. Your summary should include unique, sustainable strengths of your client company. This is the meat of the report and should be the most comprehensive section. (30 pts)
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