Posted: September 17th, 2017




•    10 min presentation + 3 min questions at the end + no more than 8 Power point slides

Each team is asked to prepare a presentation on their assigned topic that includes the following information:

??Generic drug name and chemical structure

??Drug class to which the drug belongs and the name of at least one other drug in that drug class

e.g. pindolol is a generic drug name, and its class is beta blocker and one other member of this group is esmolol; note that the class is not anti-angina drug or antiarrhythmic drug as those are not drug classes, they are the uses to which this drug is put. If you are confused about your drug, please consult AMB.

??Full mechanism of action
o this must include the cellular and physiological events that comprise the mechanism of action

o mechanism must culminate in the goal intended to be achieved by use of this drug
e.g. the goal of using salbutamol is to improve the ease of breathing for an asthmatic person therefore the mechanism of action as described must achieve that goal

??Identify the diseases/disorders for which this drug is used

??Contraindications or cautions for the use of this drug

??Potential adverse effects and toxicity
o this should not be an exhaustive list; therefore expect a list of no more than 10 effects but GI disturbances are not to be included

??A brief summary of the conclusions from TWO (2) basic science articles that used this drug and TWO (2) clinical studies that used this drug with full citation (see References below)
o a basic science article is one in which experiments are conducted on cultured cells, tissue slices, tissues or whole animals for the purpose of determining key pieces of information about this drug

o a clinical study article is on conducted on human beings for the purposes of understanding side effect profiles, alternate uses for the drug, comparing dose formulations, etc.

? if the articles do not conform to the 2 basic + 2 clinical, 20% of the value of this assessment will be deducted
? these articles must be primary research articles. In other words they cannot be review articles, Cochrane reviews, meta-analyses, conference proceedings, conference abstracts, and “papers” on websites such as Medscape, editorials, opinion pieces

??Two (2) multiple choice questions (MCQs) related to the information provided in your presentation. You will be evaluated on the ease or complexity of these questions
One question will appear on each of 2 additional slides in your presentation (separate to the limits on the number of presentation slides). Each question will be allocated 1 minute for the audience to read and answer the question. Information about these MCQs can be found later in this document.

??Reference list with all sources used to provide the information for this report

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