Posted: September 18th, 2017

Cocaine and Other Stimulants

Cocaine and Other Stimulants

The historical record bears witness to the fact that there have been people with significant addictions who have functioned at very high levels and accomplished brilliant things.

Add to the list of successful people who have had substance use problems. Draw from historical figures, contemporary figures, and even from fictional characters. (Cocaine users). Post your thoughts and observations on the relationship between performance, power, productivity and substance use, particularly stimulants

Note: This is a discussion assignment, so writer must reflect his/her thoughts by using (I believe, think. agree or disagree) through using rich references and sources to draw a complete answer.

Another note: Writer is required to reflect and draw his/her personal opinion in order to answer these questions correctly. This should be answered specifically with no general info; they must be briefed and straight to the point.

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