Posted: September 17th, 2017

Com Theory

Read the Thinking About Theory box in your textbook on pages 61-62, then watch the following clip:
With a better understanding of mass society theory, McCarthyism, and the Red Threat, think of a contemporary example of how the media have been used to perpetuate fear mongering or mass “witch” hunts. Do you think highly concentrated, profit-driven media companies stand up for what’s right, even if it costs them money? Do you think the media adequately do their job of serving the public’s best interest? Why or why not? If not, how can we change the journalism industry today to better serve the public?
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Week 2 Activity: Propaganda 2 pages
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Your textbook summarizes the article, “Villains, Victims and the Virtuous in Bill OReillys No-Spin Zone: Revisiting World War Propaganda Techniques ,” which determines that in the O’Reilly Factor, Bill O’Reilly uses six of the seven propaganda techniques described on page 89 of your textbook. Watch an episode or two of this program to see if this analysis makes sense to you*. Can you argue that one person’s propaganda is another’s truth? Compare the Indiana University results to the results of your own study. What conclusions can you draw about the seven techniques? What conclusions can you draw about using these techniques to search for the presence of propaganda?

*If you do not have access to this show, choose another show like it for comparison
This topic is part of the module Week 2 and hasn’t been unlocked yet.

Completion Prerequisites
The following requirements need to be completed before this page will be unlocked:
Week 2 Discussion: Mass Society 1 page
Read the following article, Report: AT&T-Dir (Links to an external site.)ecTV Merger has DOJ Approval (Links to an external site.), then post your response to the following questions:
• According to mass society theory, what would be some detriments to the AT&T-DirecTV merger?
• How would this merger affect people in different class levels across the United States?
• In your opinion, is media consolidation a good thing or a bad thing for society? Explain your answer.
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