Posted: September 17th, 2017

Comm Theory

Perfect writing; high quality writing and theory application. Peer reviewed article no more than five years old.

No ESL. American writer only. Perfect grammar and English. All sources must be scholarly and peer reviewed. Well written. No ESL, perfect English. Go to coursesmart to access book, don’t email me Login You can access the book on my bookshelf. The book is: Mass Communication Theory: Foundations, Ferment, and Future, 6th Edition Book login: Ontime99!
For this paper find a peer-reviewed journal article that primarily addresses a mass communication issue. The best way to ensure you are choosing a mass communication (or media) article is to choose articles from academic journals about mass communication or media like Mass Media & Society, Journal of Media and Communication Studies, or Journal of Computer-Mediated Communication. These can be found using the library’s academic database service or Google Scholar. Further instructions on how to conduct this search can be found below.

Special Note: Do NOT choose a book review article for this assignment. The article you choose should be at least 10 pages and will more than likely be around 20. If you choose a book review article, you will fail this assignment.

After you read the article write a paper in which you:
• Summarize the study: What is the focus of the study? What are the authors’ primary arguments? What is the context in which this study is conducted (historical, political, geographical, etc.)? What method is used to conduct the study?
• Explain which theory is used and how it is used to study communication. Also describe the theory based on class readings, incorporating course concepts and important theoretical premises.
• Explain the theoretical perspective the article falls under. Based on the four theoretical perspectives discussed in chapters 1 and 2, determine which of the four this article most likely applies and discuss the ontology, epistemology, and axiology of the perspective.
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