Posted: September 17th, 2017

Communication Media


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Mass Media Assignment, Week 2, 2 pages, 1 page each part:

Part one: Pick a daily metropolitan newspaper that serves your area—not a national paper like USA Today. It must also have a web site. On the same day, compare the information that you get in the print version with the online version.
Describe three ways the print and electronic versions similar and three ways in which they differ. Consider style, convenience, whatever you notice and like or dislike about each. Which do you prefer and why?
Print is not all bad news.

Part two: Newspapers are suffering; magazines were not, at least not until 2012. According to Pew Research State of the News Media 2012, blogs and copies available on SmartPhones and tablets are spurring consumption of information, but not generating revenue for publishers of newspapers or magazines.
Discuss why blogs are replacing magazines for special-interest topics. Provide an example.
Requirements: 400-600 words and include research from two sources other than the text or lecture. Submit as an attachment in MLA format.

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