Posted: September 17th, 2017



  1. Robert Sternberg’s (1987) Triangular Theory of Love proposed three different building blocks that combine to form different types of love. These three ‘building blocks’ are: Intimacy, passion and commitment. With the types of love that are described in “Intimate Relationships”- share one example where each building block is assessed as high. So, you will be sharing three examples- one for intimacy, one for passion and one for commitment. Please be sure to share what is desirable and non- desirable about the particular types of love you use for your examples


  1. In chapter 10 of “Intimate Relationships” several ‘stresses and strains’ are described that can occur in relationships. Identify and describe three of the stresses/strains named in the text. Please give examples of each area of stress/strain that you identify.


  1. Name and describe the six types of resource power described in Chapter 12 of “Intimate Relationships.” Which of these types are familiar to you? Which of these types are least familiar to you?



  1. Using Chapter 12 of “Intimate Relationships” describe the differences between Situational Couple Violence (SCV) and Intimate Terrorism (IT). Please give examples of both forms of violence.


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