Posted: July 6th, 2015

Identify risk factors related to the problems and any contributing and predisposing




This project is designed to help the student understand how major health concepts are applied within the discipline of nursing to meet health care needs of a population at risk (PAR) in the community. The project provides students the opportunity to demonstrate their ability to synthesize information about the interrelationships between public health science, nursing, health policy, and health care services.


The specific purpose of the project is to provide the student with opportunity to research a health need in a population at risk. It also allows the student, in the role as a community health nurse, to be an advocate. The project must be developed and implemented as part of the clinical experience and left with the community agency/population.



The written paper should be presented in the following organizational format:

  • Introduction, which clearly describes the PAR you have chosen, why it is of interest to you and how you propose to conduct the community assessment. (5 points)


  • Conduct a Community Assessment, including a windshield survey (10 points) of the census tract, city or county where the PAR resides. Utilize an assessment guideline as illustrated in class. Include relevant demographic and epidemiological data for the community by examining census data, vital statistics, morbidity, mortality, poverty and unemployment rates and other sources of health data.(13 points) Include references/APA format (2 points) ( total 25 points)


  • Identify risk factors related to the problems and any contributing and predisposing

factors that increase the potential for having the problems. Contributing and

predisposing factors may include variables such as cultures, ethnicity, race,

developmental level and lifestyles. (10 points)


  • Using the collected data, identify the priority community health problems and

Formulate one community diagnosis… ( Must be in correct format to receive     any points and easily identified) (10 points)




  • Describe the project that was developed and implemented during the clinical this semester and include the recommendations for evaluation and follow-up. This project must be the actual project that you developed and implemented during the semester. The project must be different from the Health Education Program.  The project or pictures of it must be attached. (15 points)






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