Posted: September 18th, 2017

Company Description

1:Provide basic data about the business first, including the business name, location and name of owner. Identify the general business type, such as retail, wholesale or service, as well as your chosen business structure: full proprietorship, partnership or corporation.
2:Enter a short history of your business, even if it is just a description of how you came up with the idea, to give the reader background knowledge about you and your new company.
3:Write the company mission statement. This describes your main purpose for starting the business.
4:List details about the industry you have chosen. Include information about the present business atmosphere and future opportunities in the industry that make your business concept even more viable.
5:Discuss the specific product or service that you plan to sell briefly. Describe why you have a competitive edge over other similar offerings.
6:Provide information about your short- and long-term goals related to this business idea. For instance, a short-term goal is to secure financing this year to support the business. A long-term goal is to achieve

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