Posted: September 18th, 2017

Comparative Analysis

write a comparative analysis of Australian Aboriginal culture and the Lebanese culture.
As a basis for your comparison, you should familiarise yourself with Trompennars’ ‘cultural value dimensions’ (see and Ferraro’s (2010, p. 20) “Have, Think and Do”. You may also like to look at the online tool from the Hofstede Centre which produces comparisons of national cultures across five criteria:

From your research of both cultures, you are required to write an individual comparative analysis of the Lebanese and Aboriginal culture.

Your comparative analysis should demonstrate your ability to compare and contrast Aboriginal culture with the Lebanese cultural group using the framework referred to above (ie, Trompennars, Ferraro, and/or Hofstede). To achieve this, you should select one only specific dimension of culture (eg, power distance, education, kinship, religion etc) to explore in some detail.

From your comparative analysis you are expected to identify new understanding and learning about the Lebanese culture and Aboriginal culture. You are required to discuss some generalisations that can be made, based on the comparison of the two cultures that could be relevant to managing in the global environment.
You should use at least three credible online references, in addition to your customised text, to support your analysis and discussion.

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