Posted: September 17th, 2017

Compare and contrast two counseling approaches


To help you structure your essay, firstly, you need to decide on the two counseling approaches that have been covered in your readings to date:

Psychoanalytical therapy

Adlerian therapy

Existential therapy

Gestalt therapy

Person-centered therapy

You can either choose to select two approaches that are similar (e.g., psychoanalytical therapy and Adlerian therapy) or different (e.g., Person-centered therapy and Psychoanalytical therapy).

Secondly, you need to select at least three key areas in which you can compare and contrast the two selected counselling approaches. We encourage you to consult your readings and lecture videos to help you decide on which three areas you will select for your essay. Below is a list of some key areas that you may wish to explore. This list is by no means exhaustive and simply serves as an example as to what constitutes a key area. You may choose to select a key area of focus that does not appear in the list. That is fine. Just ensure you select counselling approaches related to the concepts you have identified.

basic philosophy

goals of therapy

therapist and/or client’s role

therapeutic relationship

techniques of the therapy

applications of the therapy

effectiveness and criticisms of the therapy

evaluation of the approach

role of the unconscious

focus of therapy (e.g., past, present. future)

As some of the key areas may overlap with one another, it is imperative that your introduction clearly specifies the three key areas under investigation.

Your essay should focus on the requirement to “compare and contrast” rather than simply “describe”.

Similarly, you need to ensure that your essay is not divided in such a way that the first half is about

one approach and the second half addresses the other approach, as this would generally indicate that

you have not provided a thorough comparison of the material.

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