Posted: September 17th, 2017

Comparing and contrasting of stories.

500-700 words. Compare and contrast two of the stories found below. Be sure that you have isolated a strong and debatable thesis on wichi to build the essay. Simply pointing out the differences is not analysis. Toward that end, you may want to focus on a specific element of the stories. Should be formatted in MLA style including double spacing. All sources should be prorperly cited both in the test on the works cited page. This essay should be written in third person. Please avoid first person and second person. Times new roman 12point font. All paragraph indentions should be indented 5 spaces. This has to be an original piece.

A Month in the Country” by Jay Wright “Song for a Dark Girl” by Langston Hughes “How it Feels to Be Colored Me” by Zora Neale Hurston “Sula” by Toni Morrison or “Everyday Use” by Alice Walker “What You Pawn I Will Redeem” by Sherman Alexie “The Third and Final Continent” by Jhumpa Lahiri “The Conversion of the Jews” by Philip Roth “The Day the Cisco Kid Shot John Wayne” by Nash Candelaria or “The Last of the Menu Girls” by Denise Chavez
“From Sand Creek” by Simon Ortiz, available in the textbook American Literature Since the Civil War “A Postcard from the Volcano” by Wallace Stevens, available in American Literature Since the Civil War “Why I Write” by Joan Didion, available in American Literature Since the Civil War “I’m nobody, who are you?” <> by Emily Dickinson, available at
“An Agony. As Now.” <> by Amiri Baraka , available at Poetry Foundation “We Wear the Mask” <> by Paul Laurence Dunbar , available at Poetry Foundation “The Turning Point of My Life” from What Is Man? and Other Essays <>
“America” from The Patriotic Poems of Walt Whitman <>

“Long Too Long America” from The Patriotic Poems of Walt Whitman <>
“I Hear America Singing” from The Patriotic Poems of Walt Whitman <>
“America” <> by Allen Ginsberg, available at Poetry Foundation “America” <> by Claude McKay, available at Poetry Foundation “Autumn Begins in Martin’s Ferry, Ohio” <> by James Wright, available at Poetry Foundation “Let No Charitable Hope” <> by Elinor Wylie, available at Poetry Society of America “The Problem of Old Harjo” <> by John Oskison available at University of Virginia E-Text Center.

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