Posted: September 17th, 2017

Competitive Strategy and Innovation Assignment



1. Using appropriate academic models and concepts identify NYT’s core competences and capabilities and discuss their effectiveness in supporting the organisation’s success to the date of the case (2009) (30%)

2. Either
a. Discuss the strategic options available to NYT over the five years from 2009, with particular reference to the external environment as it is described in the case, and compare this with your earlier analysis for Q1. You may wish to undertake independent research to bring the case up to date, in which case please comment and critique what the company actually did using suitable strategy tools and analyses (40%)
b. Compare and contrast the NYT digital strategy with that of the Financial Times (FT) digital strategy (as explained in the video by the FT’s James Mann, featured in the module’s NILE site in Session 11 with a link) commenting on which you think is the most effective and why. (40%)

3. Applying suitable academic models, including but not limited to the Balanced Scorecard, explain how the NYT strategy could be evaluated and monitored, both before implementing (when choosing between different strategies) and after the strategy is launched. (30%)

Word Count: 2,500 words
(+ – 10% excluding cover and contents pages and appendices)


1. Support has been given to help you prepare this assignment during the workshop.

2. In order to answer these questions you must carry out further research on NYT, however you must only use material drawn from credible sources such as: academic articles and texts; quality newspaper and business periodicals, e.g., the FT, The Economist and the official NYT corporate website. You should not use unreliable sources such as non-reviewed websites, e.g., Wikipedia.

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