Posted: September 17th, 2017

Complete an evaluation of your kitchen's safety.

Complete an evaluation of your kitchen’s safety.

1. Conduct a safety review of your kitchen in your house.
Spend some time in your kitchen reviewing the process of how food is handled throughout the kitchen area.
• You could start with the refrigerator. What temperature is it set at? What should it be? When cooking food, do you know what temperature to cook certain items to such as beef, eggs, and leftovers?
• How about hand washing techniques? Do you have hand soap and clean, dry towels by the kitchen sink?
• Be creative with this assignment and complete a full kitchen review.
2. Research online to search for food and kitchen safety tips at sponsored by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other credible sites.
3. Submit a two to three page report
Part 2
xplore the FDA’s website at and search for food additives (this should be an item in the Search drop down menu). Read through the question and answer (Q & A) section at the top of the page that discusses food additives, what they are, etc. It also lists many of the popular food additives, names, functions, etc. Pick five additives of your choice and find them on the labels of foods you have in your home. For example, yellow dyes are a common additive. Include in your research from this website whether the food additives you chose are linked to or cause food allergies. Include your references used.

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