Posted: September 18th, 2017

Comprehensive Ethical Account: Combining Approaches to Ethics


PAPER: Comprehensive Ethical Account: Combining Approaches to Ethics

Critically analyze from the perspective of Ethics and Religion and three (3) of the following moral perspectives: Consequentialism, Deontological Ethics, Natural Ethics, Virtue Ethics, Ethics of Care.

My Question: “Could McCoy had countered with the Divine command theory -Morally rights acts are those that Gods commands or wills for us to do. One of which is thou should not murder. The fifth commandment (“You shall not commit murder“[Exodus 20:13]).‘

Case# 2 By Dive Command?

In a Law and Order episode entitled “Under God” , a priest, Father Hogan, confessed to murdering a drug dealer. His justification? He believes that God told him to do it. The drug dealer has sold drugs to one of Father Hogan’s parishioners, who subsequently died of an overdose, leaving behind a bereaved father. In explaining his actions, Hogan states that a man was destroying my community, poisoning my neighbors. I prayed for guidance, and the guidance I received was that I should kill him.
Father Hogan’s lawyer, Wheeler, files justification defense based on Father Hogan’s claim that he received direct guidance from God. Wheeler argues that if the jury accepts the existence of God, then they cannot deny a defense that is predicated on that existence McCoy, the prosecutor, objects that “if a layperson tries to exert a “God Told Me To” defense, the court would render him incompetent to stand trail.” Wheelers retort: So, if you talk to God, you’re pious; and if he talks back, you’re crazy?”
A subsequent psychological exam confirms that authenticity of the instructions he received.

1 Law and Order, season 13, episode 12. Dir. Gloria Muzio. February 5, 2003.

2 Quotation for this case were obtained from Dan Clanton, “These Are Their Stories: Views of Religion in Law and Order,” Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, Volume IV (Summer 2003)

Grading Guide:

1. Summarize the main problem and its setting. List possible ways of responding to the problem from four moral perspectives
2. Identify and justify the one moral perspective or that you think is best. Acknowledges the existence of more than one point of view/moral perspective. Explains why the other possible points of view are unacceptable to directly address the identified problem.

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