Posted: September 18th, 2017


Below is a list of common security exploits and attacks.  Review the list.

  1. Replay Attacks
  2. Insertion Attacks
  3. Fragmentation Attacks
  4. Buffer Overflow Attacks
  5. XSS Attacks
  6. Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
  7. Hijacking Attacks
  8. Spoofing Attacks
  9. Covert Channels
  10. DoS
  11. DDoS
  12. Botnet Attacks
  13. Social Engineering Attacks

Decide which attack you consider to be the worse kind.

  • List the attack’s name you selected.
  • Explain your reasons for determining this to be the worst kind of attack.
  • Locate an incident in which the attack was used to exploit an organization.
  • List the URL and describe the attack.
  • Provide the outcome, was the attack successful or foiled.
  • What steps were taken (or should be taken) to circumvent this type of attack from happening again?

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