Posted: September 17th, 2017

Constitution Law: Gregg v. Georgia

Constitution Law: Gregg v. Georgia

My topic is about Capital Sentence, the case is “Gregg v. Georgia”

Please note, on every page, there must be at least 4 footnotes.

All the detailed requirements are in the uploaded files.


You must also meet the following requirements from the teacher:

Teacher’s Guide:


Approximately 5-7 double-spaced TYPED pages (12 font). The annotated bibliography and footnotes are required (and not counted in the 5-7 pages).

USE at least five different sources and look for a variety of sources.

? Do not use your textbook or Wikipedia as sources (you may check the sources they used to get ideas, though)

? Be critical of sources. Some “edu” sites are actually student papers and these are not to be used. Instead, look for authoritative RESEARCH-based sites.

Documentation: You must use the format for research papers using CHICAGO style. You must prepare an annotated bibliography to be turned in with this paper and include footnotes

Start with general questions such as:

1. What right is the case about?

2. What are the facts in the case ? what happened?

3. There are two sides in the case. What does each want?

4. What did the Court decide? In other words, which side won? * Why? * Did all Justices agree with the “Majority Decision”? Sometimes, a Justice will write an extra opinion to explain why he or she agreed with the Majority vote. This is called a Concurring Decision. * Did some Justices disagree? Did any write an opinion to explain why s/he disagreed (this is called a Dissenting Opinion)?

5. Think about the way each Justice voted. Consider their reasoning. Do you think a different set of Justices would have voted differently? Why or why not? Be sure to explain your thoughts. DEVELOP A SPECIFIC QUESTION to guide your paper as you become more familiar with the details. DO explain WHY they made the decision they did. You should use these questions as guidelines for your paper. Focus on the LEGAL issues, not the moral or ethical ones. This is NOT an opinion paper. You are NOT to argue that the Justices made the right or wrong decision.

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