Posted: September 16th, 2017

Consumer society and sustainable future

Consumer society and sustainable future

ASC207 Major

Word length: 1800 words. Essays may be 10% over or under the prescribed word limit. List of references/bibliography and essay question NOT included in word count. In-text references and any headings/subheadings are included in the word count.
Submission requirements: Essays to be uploaded into to the Major Essay assignment folder. This can be accessed via the <Assessment> tab. No paper/hardcopy submission required or accepted. No coversheet required. This is applicable to both on and off campus students. Please name your file as follows prior to uploading: Question Number_Study Mode (On/Off)_Surname (e.g. Q2_Off_Ahmed).
Marking criteria: The criterion on which your essay will be assessed is available in the form of a marking rubric, which you are strongly advised to consult as you prepare your essay. Go to the essay dropbox to view the marking rubric and associated criteria.
Referencing: Harvard style (author/date system). It is recommended you engage with more than 6 peer-reviewed scholarly sources, drawn from both the unit readings and your own independent research.
Sources: Please note that Wikipedia is NOT an appropriate scholarly source. If you are at all unclear about what constitutes a peer-reviewed scholarly please go to the following website to learn more about choosing the right sources:
Essay format: Use double spacing. Make sure the essay question appears at the top of the first page. Number each page. Put your name and student ID number on each page. List your word count at the end. Use a standard font (i.e Times New Roman, 12 point).
Extensions/special consideration/late submission penalties: See pp.8-9 of the Unit Guide.
Plagiarism: Essays will be put through a plagiarism detector (Turnitin). Make sure you understand plagiarism and collusion and university penalties for such conduct (see Unit Guide pp.8).
Essay writing tips: Refer to the Deakin University’s Study Skills website, which offers advice on how to approach an essay question, plan, write and reference an essay
Features of a good essay:
•    Answers the question
•    Provides an introduction that clearly states: a) the problem or issue being explored/critically discussed; b) the argument or position you will be taking (your thesis statement); c) the key points or evidence that you will provide to support your argument; d) the theoretical concepts that you will employ to understand/explain the sociological issue
•    Addresses the question and makes a logical argument
•    Engages with theories and concepts taught in the unit (and doesn’t miss any obvious relevant readings from the readings list)
•    Uses and explains sociological terminology
•    Shows a good understanding of a range of sociological references/literature
•    Is well structured with coherent paragraphs, an introduction and conclusion
•    Relates each point to the others and back to the question
•    Uses examples from consumer culture to illustrate arguments
•    Is clearly and fluently written
•    Accurately references and cites the research literature

Please answer one of the following questions:
1.    What does it mean to ‘do’ gender when shopping?
2.    Reinvention requires a reflexive self. Critically analyse your favourite makeover program to explain what this means.
3.    Explain the social implications of commodifying fitness.
NB: Please choose which topic you prefer to do. I haven’t decide it yet, so you can choose.

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