Posted: September 18th, 2017

Contemporary Organisational & H R M Studies

Please check the zip. file that I have attached. For the word doc. is the task detail, please read it very carefully and must follow all of the structures. Before you attempt the assessment, you must read the case study first, please refer to the pdf. file. The case study is “Does this Milkshake Taste Funny?” (page 54 – 55 only from the pdf. file). The topic background of this assessment is the “Chapter 10: Organisational Culture and Ethical Values”, you may have a look of the ppt. and it may be useful.

It must write in an Academic Short Report as following:

– Executive summary (half page is fine)
– Introduction
– Answer for those 4 case study questions (Must provide specific headings and sub headings for each of them. Do not just used the question itself as a heading. )
– Conclusion

Use of minimum of fifteen (15) academic journals. Remember also needs to include in-text references.

It needs to write about 2800 words (excluding Executive summary and Reference List). Thanks.

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