Posted: September 18th, 2017

Corporate Social Responsibility and Law


An external examination and analysis of FIFA’s ( Fédération Internationale de Football Association )approach to social responsibility.

The report should be presented as if it were a report to the board of FIFA

The external examination should be addressed to the board as if it were being provided by an external consultant.
The report should:

1. Identify the legal and ethical issues relevant to the matters being reported

2. Make specific and actionable recommendations

3. Utilise published organisational materials such as annual reports and codes of conduct and ethics and analyse the organisation’s approaches for implementation and maintenance of these strategies

4. Assess the level of commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility and to make a series of recommendations for improvement.
The Above Report needs to be written in the below format/flow

1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Research Questions
4. Problem, context and literature
5. Methodology, Approach and Limitations
6. Discussion and Data Analysis
7. Implications (Benefit and Limitations)
8. Recommendations and Conclusions
9. References
Ferrell et al, Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making & Cases
Griggs et al, Managers and the Law, a Guide for Business Decision Makers
Internet – Google urls
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