Posted: September 17th, 2017

Corporate Tax Questions

1. State law varies as to the reporting requirements for liquidating a corporation. Using your home region/state/city, research the liquidation reporting requirements at the state and federal level and post the requirements to the discussion board. What are your thoughts on the requirements of your home state of Alabama as compared to other state requirements?
2.Find a current article not more than two years old, discussing the acquisition of a foreign corporation by a U.S parent. Discuss how the transaction was structured, including: the parties involved, the country that the foreign corporation is located in, the value of the transaction, and any additional relevant information. Include the article citation in your post. discuss the similarities and differences in the foreign transactions.
3. Advantages and disadvantages exist to filing a consolidated return. Research the various resources you have available and identify an example of when a consolidated return has been advantageous to a group and when consolidation status has not worked to the group’s advantage. Discuss the various pros and cons of a consolidated return and comment.
4. Review the legislation of your home state/region/city that allows the formation of limited liability companies. Summarize the legislation and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of LLCs. Based on your research, what type of business activities use LLCs as the form of business in your area. Discuss some similarities and contrasts between your home area of Alabama.
5. Review three court cases no more than five years old about salaries paid to shareholders of S-Corporations. Use different cases than those used by your peers. Based on the cases reviewed, discuss the outcomes in court decisions about salaries paid to shareholders of S corporations and whether or not you agree with the court’s decision.
6. you will learn that estate taxes are complex and require a lot of skill to navigate for complex estates. Take a position on the fairness of the current estate tax laws and recommend changes you would propose to the law to make estate taxes fairer and/or a rationale for eliminating gift taxes. From your research, offer support for your rationale.

***** Each Question needs to be half a page of writing with at least one reference per question.
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