Posted: September 17th, 2017

‘Costume drama’ offers an ideologically and politically challenged view of history – discuss with reference to at least two different TV costume dramas, one public service and one commercial.

This is an essay required for my Television and New Media Broadcasting assessment (module name: Days of Hope: TV Drama in Broadcasting). The essay should present a detailed critical analysis of ideological and political aspects in which Television drama challenge the view of history. It should relate to two Television dramas: one from public service broadcasting – BBC (“I Claudius” BBC, 1976) and one commercial (“Downton Abbey” ITV).
The essays should discuss such aspects as heritage, costume drama and literary adaptations as well as Golden Age of Television Drama (defined by a commitment to taste, heritage, cultural and political, relevance and seriousness and how they open up debates over issues of nationhood and broadcasting itself).
It should also include the analysis of the following: How does it negotiate and at times circumvent the politics of Empire, colonialism and gender and to what extent may we argue that this form de-politicises and re-imagines history.

Please use some of the following references:
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