Posted: September 18th, 2017



The comparison companies are between JP MORGAN CHASE AND BANK OF AMERICA.
I. Excel Spreadsheet FinSAS.xls – Manually input the financial data for your company under the input tab on the spreadsheet. You should insert numbers highlighted only in blue. These numbers should be found in the company’s most recent year-end annual reports (utilize the most year-end numbers; the spreadsheet has it starting at 2008, but change the year to 2009 and go five years historically from there to 2005), which can be obtained online under your company choice. Complete a separate spreadsheet for each company. Write that you completed the input for the spreadsheet for both companies and that the spreadsheet works. To check this, once you input the data in the input tab only, check the other tabs (ratio, vertical analysis) to ensure that you see the automated calculations. (20 points)
II. Explaining Business Objectives and the Effect of the Objectives on the Ratios – Briefly highlight if the ratios meet the criteria of the business objectives. These objectives can be found in the annual reports under CEO comments and business summaries. (10 points)
III. Identification of the Three Most Important Ratios for Your Companies and Support – Include why you think these ratios are the most important; what do they indicate about the financial health of each company? All ratios should be automatically calculated based on your input sheet from Week 2. (10 points)
IV. Computation of Relevant Ratios and Comparison to Industry Data – Verify that all ratios have been automatically calculated on the spreadsheet. On a separate document, list the ratios in comparison to the industry. Industry ratios can be found on various financial websites. The list should be in a table format, showing Company A, Company B, and then the industry ratio. (20 points

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