Posted: September 17th, 2017

Creating a strategic plan

Unit 2 Individual Project

In this assignment, you are to create a strategic plan for dealing with a current issue in the schools. The plan will include an analysis of the situation, statement of policy and procedures, and strategies for implementing and communicating the new policy.
Here is the scenario on which your plan will be based:
You are the principal of a school that has the following demographics: 2,300 students in 4 grades, of which 44% are Hispanic, 26% are Caucasian, 22% are African-American, and 8% are Asian. Fifty-one percent are from economically disadvantaged homes.
There are reports that there have been increased incidents of bullying (both in-person and via the Internet) going on in your school. You have heard from parents and some teachers, but you have not yet seen any proof of such incidents.
Part 1
Problem Analysis Phase
Q1.Explain how you will confirm the rumors.


Part 2
Policy Creation Phase
Q1.After confirming that there is some validity to the reports, create a policy on bullying and a plan for implementing the policy.
Q2. State the policy on bullying, identify the behavioral rules that must be followed, reporting procedures, and consequences for bullying behavior.


Part 3
Strategic Communication Phase
Q1.Once the policy is developed, provide a strategic plan for implementing the policy that addresses the following:
Q2. With whom will you communicate the proposed policy, and in what order?
Q3. What kinds of feedback on the proposed policy will you collect and from whom?
Q3. How will you monitor the policy’s implementation and effect?
Q4. Please note: although the issue is bullying, this assignment is about problem-solving and decision-making, not bullying. The deliverable is about needs analysis, policy development and implementation, and strategic planning as is related to solving the problem of bullying.
o Compose a strategy for using influential leadership in order to complete activities with other stakeholders


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