Posted: September 17th, 2017

Creting a college counseling web site on paper

This original project must be something that can be utilized in a college counseling setting. It doesn’t have to be implemented by the due date but must be presented in a format that shows that the preparation is complete and ready to use. The final project must show understanding of the key concepts presented in the course.

Examples of Final Projects:

The creation of a counseling office newspaper

Create a college counseling web site on paper

Plan a college visit to a college or a group of colleges for juniors

Organize a college fair with necessary letters, forms, and details

PowerPoint presentation for parents about financial aid, including supporting handouts

Internet based college search resource guide

College planning brochure for parents

Prepare a college bound newsletter for parents and seniors

Set up a college admissions office. Detail materials, furniture and supplies to be purchased. Materials can include but not limited to books, periodicals, audio-visuals, posters, computers. Please include a floor plan.

Create a bulletin board or display window for a weekly College of the Week.

PowerPoint presentation for a college night for students and parents.

Develop a college planning guide for juniors

Create a PowerPoint presentation for seniors attending community college

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