Posted: September 17th, 2017

Criminal and Civil Litigation (FD)

Criminal and Civil Litigation (FD)

Criminal Litigation Portfolio


Checklist (In the order it should appear in your submission). Tick the box when you have completed the task.

Completed University front cover

Table of cases:    A list of all the cases you have referred to in your assignment.

Table of statutes:    A list of all the legislation you have referred to.

Assignment:    The main body of the assignment should be at least 1.5 line spaced to allow for marking (double line spaced maximum). Work must be in one of the following fonts:  Times New Roman, Arial, Cambria or Calibri. Work must be font size 11 or 12.
Portfolio Instructions
You are a solicitor employed by the local firm Coomer&Hall, Hartlepool, TS25 7GH. Joe Coomer, a senior partner at the firm has instructed you to take over the file of a current client Isabelle Day.
You have four tasks to complete in relation to the following documents:
Document One: Email off Joe Coomer  – summary of incident
Document Two: Attendance Record of Isabelle Day
Document Three:Witness Statement – Edward Templeman.
Document Four: Memo on portfolio instructions.

Please use the case study materials provided and your knowledge from statutes, case law and literature to help you complete the portfolio.

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