Posted: September 17th, 2017

Critical Analysis of the Prayer of Jabez

Read several articles on The Prayer of Jabez. In
order to do a proper job on this assignment, you need to obtain access to a copy of the book itself and at least read a portion of it. Reading it first would be best. The instructor is of the opinion that this best-seller phenomenon is an example of bad theology, selfish spirituality and poor exegesis all combined into one little book. The book could use much better clarification of the role or non-role of the miraculous in today’s world, but of much greater concern is the not-so-subtle use of the “gospel of health, wealth and prosperity” throughout the work. The theology of prayer is
shallow plus it is a distortion from the biblical model. There will be a discussion board for interaction and discussion of the Prayer of Jabez. After reading two
articles on it, then read the instructor’s document on Jabez in the additional files folder. Once you have completed your research, write a two to four page paper on Jabez.
The Two Article to read can be found at:
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