Posted: September 17th, 2017

Critical Analysis Report

A critical analysis report (also known as a feasibility report) requires that you:


•Consider the audience

•Determine the criteria

•Determine the standards

•Structure the report by criteria


Your final project will be formal proposal of something that will benefit a company. Choose what you

want to propose and for this week’s project analyze the feasibility of that proposal. Create a 3-4 page

double spaced report in which you determine just how feasible this idea would be for the company to



Please note that this differs from the proposal itself in that you are selecting criteria for judging the

solution and then showing both the positives and negatives. This should be an informational analysis

whereas the proposal will be persuasive. The final proposal will involve trying to “sell” your idea to

your audience. 


Remember this assignment should be written in a formal report format which also includes a

transmittal memo.


Course material: Technical Report Writing Today, 10th Edition; by Daniel G. Riordan; Chapter 5 & 13


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