Posted: September 17th, 2017

Critical Appraisal of Evidence- systematic review

Critical Appraisal of Evidence- systematic review

Length: 1200 words (approximately) excluding the reference list
Weighting: 40%
Description: You will apply standards/criteria for analysis and evaluation to review and critically appraise the state of the research. You will synthesise the body of research knowledge and formulate recommendations for practice and research. Specifically, you will synthesise best available evidence and then critically appraise the highest level of evidence in the topic area that is relevant to your clinical question.
Task: Summarise the context for the clinical practice or health policy you wish to investigate (identified in Assessment 1
• Concisely synthesise the body of evidence from the five to ten research journal articles you found in Assessment 1 ending with your conclusion or ‘bottom line” about what the evidence tells us.
• Identify the highest level of evidence addressing the PICO question developed in Assessment 1, Part 1; justify and support your rationale as to why this is the best evidence and how it addresses your PICO question.
• Identify and select an appropriate tool to appraise the evidence.
• Critically appraise the highest level of evidence relevant to your chosen clinical practice or health policy. Justify and support your rationales for your appraisal findings.
Note: All appraisals should be based on a tool developed for the critical appraisal of the specified level of evidence or guideline and that is developed by an organisation that conducts and/or appraises systematic reviews/guidelines of evidence, such as DARE, Cochrane, JBI, CASP.

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