Posted: September 17th, 2017

Critical reflection essay

Critical reflection essay

Essay is 800 words + reflection 200 words

Students will write an appropriately structured essay that includes the following:

? Discuss the theory and practice of critical reflection and outline the benefits gained by nurses when they critically reflect on their practice. In your discussion, make specific reference to the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) codes and guidelines.

? Identify and discuss some possible consequences if nurses do not critically reflect on their practice.

? Discuss strategies that nurses can use to reflect critically on events and experiences.

? After the essay conclusion, but before the reference list, students will include their own critical reflection. Using the Gibbs Cycle (or another appropriate reflection framework), reflect on an incident in an academic or work environment that led to enhanced understanding of the health beliefs of an ethnocultural group (for example, Chinese, Sudanese, Aboriginal Australians) with which the student was not previously familiar (200 words).

? In line with academic writing guidelines, the essay is to be written impersonally in third person, but students may write the critical reflection in first person.

? Students should note that they cannot reference a personal reflective statement about how they felt, any actions they took or decisions they made. However, if they refer to the concepts and theories of other authors to inform their reflection processes (eg, the Gibbs Cycle), that discussion must be referenced in accordance with APA6th referencing style.



Introduction provides comprehensive background information, a concise thesis statement and a clear outline of the main ideas to be discussed in the essay.

Comprehensive discussion of the theory and practice of critical reflection. Comprehensive identification of benefits for nurses.Identification and comprehensive discussion of possible consequences if nurses do not critically reflect. Comprehensive discussion of strategies nurses can use for critical reflection . Discussion is supported by relevant quality sources; including at least 5 peer reviewed journal articles plus NMBA documents

Conclusion clearly and concisely summarises all the main ideas raised and restates thesis statement. Final statement explicitly proposes a way to enrich nursing practice through critical reflection.


Insightful and critical reflection using the Gibbs Cycle (or other framework) of an academic or work event leading to enhanced understanding of the health beliefs of another ethnocultural group with which you were not previously familiar. Includes comprehensive discussion of feelings and specific identification of new perspectives, what has been learned and what areas require further development.

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