Posted: September 17th, 2017

Critically evaluate one definition of giftedness from the literature and explain how it is appropriate to a defined context


(1) Defining giftedness essay (1200 words, 29% – due 9th April)



Diverse definitions of giftedness abound. In order to understand the research, to debate the issues and to be effective in identifying and providing for gifted students in schools, teachers need to develop a clear understanding of the concept of giftedness. Schools need to develop and articulate shared understanding of giftedness and adopt a school-wide definition that is appropriate for their context. This assignment will help students to explore (in detail and at depth) one definition of giftedness and consider both the beliefs that inform the definition and the implications that flow from the definition.



Critically evaluate one definition of giftedness from the literature and explain how it is appropriate to a defined context.

Your paper will:

  • determine the ideas and beliefs that underpin the definition and grounds it in a particular philosophical or theoretical framework
  • evaluate the definition using 3 of Moon’s (2006, in Purcell & Eckert, 2006, p. 26) guiding principles of:
    • soundness
    • equity
    • utility

reflect on the feasibility of this definition for your particular educational context, or for a specified group of students (make sure that you clarify your ‘defined context’ in your introduction. For instance you could be talking about a school in another country( Alam al-tofola private school in Jeddah) is an example Alam al-tofola private school is an example of such schools and was founded in 1992. The school, which is a girls’ secondary school mainly teaches Arabic and English. The school comprises of a two-storey building and has 600 students in total and 40 professors and members of staff.

  • Most of the students who graduate from this school with knowledge from different subjects end up being productive members of the community. The school which is among the best schools in Jeddah teaches Arabic and English languages to its students., or a small rural community context, or you could be talking about a home-schooling context. You may be referring specifically to twice-exceptional students. In explaining how this definition ‘fits’ your context, it is essential for you to explain the context.).
  • reflect on the educational and incidental implications of this definition.


Possible Definitions to consider:

There are many to choose from, including the definition that your school/sector/state or country includes in their policy.

(You should be Use this references )

  • Renzulli’s Three Ring Conception of Giftedness (1977, 2013)
  • Gagné’s Developmental Model of Giftedness and Talent (DMGT) (2008)
  • Sternberg’s WICS model (2004)
  • Sternberg’s Pentagonal theory of giftedness (1993; Sternberg & Zhang, 1995)
  • Tannenbaum’s star model of giftedness (1983, 2010)
  • Columbus Group’s definition (1991)
  • Piirto’s Pyramid Model of giftedness (1994)

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