Posted: September 18th, 2017

critique paper on (company analysis) Savills. Essay


The company is Savills



A brief on the company, (Key factor such as turnover, where the company operate etc…

Main body:

Business model:

A theoretical brief about the business models, what it is ? types of business models ? what model is the best ?

Strength and weakness about the business model I present ( kindly open the presentation to see the model I did for the company ).

How can I improve the business model I draw ? what should be done differently ? ( drawing a new one is recommended or adding new things )

Business environment:

Why analyzing the business environment is important ?

why Pestel and porter five forces are important to analysis the environment ? (perhaps whit a brief about each model )

The strength and weakness of the business environment I did ( see the presentation kindly )

How can I improve it ? what should be done differently ? ( perhaps adding a new point as the pestle was based on the UK and the business has international offices _ also the five forces was complete failure .

Strategic discourse:

brief about the strategic discourse.

why strategic discourse within the organisation is important and how it can help to the growth of the business ?

How to manage discourses in the organisation?

Leading in organisation :

how leading an organisation is entwined with the process of strategy.

Who are key constituents and what is necessary for leading them?

What would be appropriate metrics for success. What measures or indicators of performance are appropriate for the new business strategy and why?



Feedback I got about the presentation:

Business model :

– I misunderstood the value creation process in the model.

– complicated and not clear business model.

Business model :

– mismatch between government initiative and the business.

– the business analysis was based on the UK, however the company operate in global scale.

– SWOT wasn’t considered in the business environment analysis.

– the pester wasn’t based on the revenue and profit figures by global region.

best regard

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