Posted: September 17th, 2017

Cross-Cultural Lesson Plan

Cross-Cultural Lesson Plan

*Develop a lesson plan for a mainstream classroom to develop cultural awareness by celebrating diversity in the classroom.
*Use SIOP Model lesson plan template for your lesson. Make sure your objectives integrate academic and culture learning. Include the assessment strategy with measures the success of the outcomes and supporting sources for further exploration.
*Include copies/ pictures of artifacts,handouts, links to videos/songs/games, etc.
*Select from one of the following prompts for your lesson.
-A learning activity to create an emphatic understanding of a particular situation.
-A learning activity which treats cross-cultural conflicts as a natural part of communication that can be positively resolved.
-A learning activity to explore a controversial issue from multiple perspectives.
-A learning activity which requires students to take their beliefs and opinions on an issue into a social action (other than writing a letter)
-A learning activity which illuminates and correct stereotypic depictions of group of people.
A learning activity which facilitates understanding of how prejudices, racism,sexism, homophobia, religious intolerance,oppression, and other form of bigotry operate.

Finally, candidates should include accommodations and adaptions or specific mention of universal design that plans ahead for difference.

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