Posted: September 17th, 2017

Cross Functional Operations Management

Cross Functional Operations Management

Part I: Biography
I’d like you to prepare a brief one paragraph biography about yourself.  You will find this exercise to be valuable for future papers, presentations, websites, etc. in your professional careers.   Here is an example (note the use of third person format):

GaryBowie is entering his first year as an Assistant Professor of Management at the University of Iowa.  Previously, Gary was an Assistant Teaching Professor of Management at the University of British Columbia (UBC) and has been employed-by or affliated with ABB Inc., a $45 bn automation and power technology company for nearly ten years.  At UBC, Gary teaches courses in operations management, production systems analysis, six sigma methodology, etc. and also consults extensively with industry.Gary is the Vice President of PFC Services, Inc. which is a consulting firm based in Marietta, GA.Gary has been invited to speak across the country and abroad at various conferences, industry meetings, and universities.  His most recent managerial role with ABB was as a Group North American Account and Marketing Manager for the Power Products Division Transformer Business Unit in which Dan had responsibility for teams at three domestic manufacturing sites.  Prior to this Gary was with ABB High Voltage Products circuit breaker service and the ABB utility front end sales organizations.  Before joining ABB, Garywas with the web center team as a communication and product specialist.  Garyreceived his Ph. D. in industrial engineering from the department of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering at Universityof Iowa, where he has also been conferred B.S. and M.S. degrees in Industrial Engineering.  In December 2012, Garycompleted the requirements for his masters degree program at Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts, in general management and is scheduled to graduate in March 2013.  Garyis a senior member of IIE, a member of IEEE, and has received numerous academic awards and honors.
Part II: Essay
Provide me a well-written one page essay describing your experience and background in cross functional operations and supply chain (SC) management.  Even if you do not have directly operations & SC management experience, use your personal experiences to frame your essay.  Examples could include retail, restaurant, business partner, etc. related situations you have experienced personally, examples from work, etc.   Please include how the businesses operational execution either helped or hindered the performance of the system.Please remember to cite any and all sources and references you use!

•    Use standard margins (i.e., 1”) and double spacing
•    Do not exceed two pages in total length (i.e., one page per part maximum)
•    You will be evaluated on the following criteria (grading rubric):
o    Analysis:
?    apply relevant principles, concepts and frameworks to the questions
?    assess the issues faced by the enterprise
?    do not just repeat the information already in the case
o    Reasoning & Logic
?    Clear ideas, practical solutions, appropriate examples, evaluate opportunities and potential consequences of actions
?     Be original, i.e., do not simply re-hash the case as written in the textbook
o    Structure
?    Balance in addressing all case questions equally
?    Logical flow to paper
o    Grammar & Spelling
?    Paper should be free of major spelling errors and grammatical problems
Be professional – imagine you are submitting this to your boss

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