Posted: September 17th, 2017

Culture and Organization

Suggested Structure
Give us a summary

•What is an organization

•Difference between organization and national culture

•Theoretical framework (describe and discuss)

Note these are the theoretical frame work to be use

Schein, craig, harrisson, Jacques, peter and waterman, Hofstede, trompenaars, hall, adler, kluckhohn & strodtbeck, globe (note certain theories must be very detail.

•Compare with one or two other theoretical framework

•Why select this theatrical framework

•The organization (that you would be investigating) please choose from the 14 organization stated on the assignment brief. Tell us which country of the organization you are doing and give us a short brief on what the organization you have chosen does or dealing with.

Do let us know also are you doing the entire company or a particular department in this company you have chosen

Please state which department you choose Eg: hr or you prefer the whole company?

•The issue/problem, challenge, event, submit, (that the organization you chosen is facing)

Example you pick hr what are the issue that ikea Singapore hr faces? you must drill down like example facing long term issues in retaining its staffs after that you have to find another similar organization who is successful in this area and tell us what can the company having this issue can learn from the other successful organization you have chosen.

•Theories , concepts, models that support your idea, argument and rationality (eg: motivational theories, leadership theories, organizational

•Findings and analysis

•Recommendations and conclusion:

Before you recommend find out and state is the company a (learning organization or organization learning) investigate on a similar organization which is successful in that area which the previous organization lack of then recommend it to the previous organization before ending with conclusion
no Wikipedia and no slide graphs
Please include sub heading and also link content page to sub heading
Please give models when you compare and contrast
Show evidence


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