Posted: March 3rd, 2017

Current Issues in Natural Language Processing Weka: Exploration

Current Issues in Natural Language Processing Weka: Exploration In this lab, you’ll explore Weka, a machine learning (ML) toolkit for data-mining. Weka is installed in RI105, but for this lab, you will have to download Weka and install it on your personal computers: (Please, follow the instructions on the website. Pay attention to the requirements (e.g., Java) and the operating system. Download the right version. Weka is very well documented. There are numerous (youtube) tutorials, slides, exercises online that you can use. There is a book that describes the algorithms, the software and the data formats, but you can also find slides if you scroll down: Datasets: In the lab you are going to • Explore data in the form of an arff dataset; • Preprocess data using statistical transformations; • Visualize data in their different formats; • Experiment with supervised machine learning classification; • Use a Weka implementation called J48 of the decision tree classifier; • Use a decision tree classifier on two different datasets; • Familiarize with the presentation of the results in Weka.

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