Posted: September 17th, 2017


MK4S27: Consumer Centrality 

Assignment =  100%

Introduction / Background

Phuong Nguyen eBay’s head of advertising suggested in The Marketer (March /April 2013, 50) that;

‘Consumers are very comfortable shopping on multiple devices and channels and don’t differentiate between online and offline shopping –it has just become shopping. This has become more complicated for retailers and marketers. We recently released research where we delved into this new shopper journey and revealed that it’s a complicated journey and very fragmented one, with many different devices used and many points where the shopper journey can be influenced. This is a challenge that the industry is going to have to step up to.’ 

Considering Phuong Nguyen suggestion it could be argued that retail marketing must evolve to meet the expectations and demands of the ‘new’ sophisticated multichannel customer. For the more proactive retail organisations such an evolution has already began, having profound implications for the way their retail/  service offer is developed, promoted and delivered.

In an essay of no more than 5,000 words critically evaluate the impact multichannel retailing marketing has had on the marketing dynamics (communication, service offer, promotion and delivery) of the industry. 

Your essay  must 

Demonstrate a critical reflection of theoretical and conceptual bases of customer centrality related to the emerging theme of multichannel retailing by critically contextualise contemporary examples from the retail industry to appropriate marketing models and theories studied in  this module.

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