Posted: September 17th, 2017

Data Collection Procedures

Data Collection Procedures

Order Description

YOUR APPROVED TOPIC IS – Perceptions surrounding the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) among the Deportation officers

For this assignment, describe your proposed data collection procedures in a paper at least three pages in length, including references. Identify the method you will use to collect your data: observations, interviews, or mining data from documents. In some cases, combining two or more methods is appropriate.

Include the following elements in your description:


Justify and explain why you selected the unique setting for the proposed research. For research conducted in a particular company or organization, state the benefits to the organization and describe the existing body of knowledge.

Population and Sample

Analyze the population, the proposed sample size, and analyze the reasons for selecting a particular sample. Describe your research subjects in as much detail as possible. For example, are your subjects drug offenders incarcerated in a medium-security facility, or are they chief operations officers in large, non-profit organizations? Some common ways of differentiating your subjects are by:

Race or ethnicity.
Education level.
Marital status.
When developing this section:

Describe the unique and applicable characteristics of the population, and explain why it was chosen. Describe and justify your sample, including who, how, and why the people were selected.
Estimate the sample size and justify your sample selection. Describe and justify your sampling strategy.
Describe your recruitment methods and procedures.
Data Collection

Describe your process for collecting the data. When collecting primary data, describe:

The type of methodology to be employed – (case study,) and justify this selection.
Your experience and training in conducting respondent sessions.
The participant selection process (permission and informed consent).
The method of gathering the data.
How the data will be recorded.
The data capture method (for example, conversations, facial features, body language, intonation, feelings, emotions).
The proposed data coding regimen. List the software used, if applicable.
An estimate of the time to be spent with each participant.
The process for remuneration, if applicable.
For secondary data, describe what data will be collected and how it will be used to address the research questions. This would be necessary if you are analyzing materials that have already been created, such as journals, letters, or newspaper stories. Include:

The strategy for collecting the required data. (Why and what will be captured?)
The data collection and extraction methods and source. (How will it be captured?)
How accuracy of the data will be maintained.

Remember you must use the latest APA guidelines.

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