Posted: September 17th, 2017

Data sources – categorise the available alternatives for capturing and storing

The issue of data sharing is closely linked to privacy and data protection. Given the available options for data collection, ranging from tcpdump raw packet storage to netflow records, write a report that considers the following issues:

1. Data sources – categorise the available alternatives for capturing and storing

data based on the amount of data collected, the privacy implications and the

network/user performance indication they can provide

2. Anonymisationtools–identify and briefly describe the existing anonymisation


3. Resultingdata–following the use of  anonymisation tools, indicate the impact on

the data, highlighting the lost information/performance indication as well as the remaining potentially sensitive data

you must briefly describe the main sources of data, tools, and anonymised output and indicate the limitations of the tools and the implications of making the anonymisation output public on the user privacy, as well as introduce modifications or improvements brought to the existing tools by recent research and propose changes to improve on the potential weaknesses of the existing tools and associated data.


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