Posted: September 18th, 2017

Deadly food diseases


Deadly Disease Case Study (Team)
The description of this case study is included in the “Project” link on the course page. The case study will be a team effort. Two or three class members may join to form a team. This case study can be executed using one of the two alternatives as described below.
(1) Develop an educational game dealing with quality. The game must have at least three variables (independent) affecting quality (positive and negative). Ethics must be included in addition to the variables listed above. Develop a game using any tools (Excel, PPT, Scratch, or others) to learn quality concepts. One example will be provided. This is a team project. There is no elaborate report. However, you need to provide one page summary, PowerPoint presentation, and the game engine developed. It also requires 10 min presentation by each team during Thursday class session of the fourth week.
(2) Alternatively, a team may choose to analyze this case study by considering the variables as stated above. However, this approach requires a report detailing how you analyzed this problem and your analysis findings and results. The report should be 5 to 10 pages in length including all graphs and tables, but excluding the Cover Page, Table of Contents, and the References / Works Cited. It should follow APA format. You need to provide PowerPoint presentation, report and any tools if developed/used. It also requires 10 min presentation by each team during Thursday class session of the fourth week.

Grading Criteria:
Depth of work completed including novelty, principles employed, and tools used: 75 Points

“Presentation Rating, Evaluation, and Feedback Form”
• Structure & organization (15 points)
• Development of main points (40 points)
• Concluding summary (15 points)
• Delivery & style (20 points)
• Technology (10 points)
Final presentation score based on = 100 points

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